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Your company is committed to doing the right thing for the environmental, right?. But clearly, in reality this is not the whole truth. To become a change-maker; sustainable merchandise in the UK entails a good bit more than complying with the law.

What is Sustainability?

Sustainability is an approach or framework for managing an organisation that measures and balances Economic, Environmental and Social impacts on stakeholders and society. Organisations will produce plans and reports against each of these areas. In the sense that an organisation works to optimise this balance, it has been called the Triple Bottom Line.

Okay..let’s catch up: How do you become a change-maker by incorporating sustainability?

Short answer is - by using Reduce, Recycle, Reuse, and other eco-friendly strategies, but let's get into the nitty gritty, 


Educate yourself with the latest technology to help increase productivity and reduce the time and stress of using old-school methods of operation. Upgrade to the most recent version of your office tools. The companies who produce these tools are always looking to make them work better with today's technology. Reduce your level of stress by imposing a mandatory break every couple of hours with a nice long break somewhere in the middle to get outside and have a good stretch.

Save on expenses

Cutting consumption of energy means lowering energy and water bills. Reducing and recycling packaging materials decreases the waste of both money and natural resources. Encouraging longer use of durable goods through repair and maintenance instead of replacing them cuts costs twice -- eliminating both the initial replacement cost as well as the expense of disposing of the rejected item. Government subsidies are increasingly available both as partial reimbursements and tax credits.

Marketing strategy

Many consumers evaluate a brand's sustainability in making purchasing decisions, weighing the company's eco-responsibility along with quality and price/value correlation. It's an especially important factor to women who are statistically more and more the primary influence behind buying choices.


Enhance documents, training, videos, and whatever else you use in your business so you can use them across the various lines of communication and supply chain. Getting too detailed can often reduce our ability to use the same or similar media in several applications. Data collection is one of the areas that often drain our time and energy. Using a master spreadsheet from which you can extract the data you need could be one of your greatest assets. Use an automated email response tool to reuse your contacts by automatically shifting them from one category to another when applicable and/or communicate with more people at one time in the most effective manner.

Human resources

Job candidates take into consideration the reputation of the company along with salary and career path deliberations. Many seek out employers that provide a good value match. In many cases, the good citizenship factor trumps the financial rewards in the recruitment and retention of talent.

Good sustainable merchandise in the UK increases worker productivity: prioritising a healthy working environment with clean air and natural light and free of harmful substances leads to higher worker output and reduced absenteeism. Turnover rates are lower when management's respect for employees is present intangible policy implementation.

Risk reduction

Taking steps to proactively minimise potential negative impacts helps to avoid regulatory infractions and bad publicity. Being recognised as a leader in the community or sector for balancing corporate responsibility with maximising profits has the added benefit of increased company credibility in crisis situations.

This is certainly not meant to be the end all be all in creating a sustainable business but merely a tool to redirect your thought process when it comes to energy efficiency and sustainability. 

Take a look at your day-to-day interactions and see where you can come up with a few of your own. 

Remember, to use the Reduce, Recycle, Reuse and eco-friendly strategies in business is to Incorporate the latest sustainable change into your business. And, to incorporate sustainability, just like Tiger Global.

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