A Corporate Responsibility Company

Corporate Social Responsibility Companies Empower You To Contribute To The Planet & Witness Change

At Tiger Global, we're passionate about a creating sustainable future. That's why we practice and follow corporate social responsibility principles. Our supply chain is a trusted partner to deliver on your corporate social responsibility commitments.

CSR stands for Corporate Social Responsibility, it’s a management concern where the company operates in a sustainable, social, and ethical manner. It encapsulates the initiatives by which a company takes community, social, and environmental responsibilities concerns in their business operations and interactions with their stakeholders.  

CSR gain is beyond the company’s profits and offers a multitude of benefits. Tiger Global is the leading corporate social responsibility company in the UK that follows CSR principles and strategies to save the planet. 

Tiger Global suppliers are committed to enriching communities and the environment through our long-term strategies, which include sustainable supply chains and conducting business responsibly underpinned by a Corporate Social Responsibility policy agenda. CSR concept is addressed at all levels of our business strategies and supply chain. 

How does CSR work?

Social responsibility is a pledge from socially responsible companies to consider the impacts of its operations and activities on society and the environmental factors, through transparent and ethical behavior that contributes to sustainable development, including the health and the welfare of society and the planet. Tiger Global aims to work under CSR strategies and guidelines for the betterment of the planet. 

 Our Key CSR Principles: 

  • Reducing energy and water consumption
  • Ensuring responsible waste management
  • Lifecycle and sustainability of products
  • Recycling, compost, and packaging initiatives
  • Low carbon and low impact travel
  • 'Green' deliveries and transportation
  • Zero landfill initiatives
  • Minimizing the need to travel

Embrace Corporate Social Responsibility for Your Company

Apart from the undeniable profits, proper CSR strategies will drive up social gains, community trust, better sales, brightest employees, and ratchet up your overall brand value.  

Improved Brand Value & Image 

Brand image is an important concern for every business owner. Socially responsible companies’ activities can reinforce both an organization's image and brand. CSR can easily portray a positive picture for your company.  

Increased Brand Awareness

Ethical Practice commitment of corporate social responsible companies in the UK increases brand awareness and recognition which creates increased brand awareness. 

Cost savings

Many simple changes in favor of sustainability, will help to decrease your production cost 

Potential Customer’s Engagement 

CSR is all about sustainability and it can often be an easy way to connect with your potential customers across the globe by creating positive and ethical relationships with customers and the wider community that can lead to a potential rise in profits. 

Talented Workforce 

Corporate responsibility can help a company to build the best workforce possible, as socially responsible companies that demonstrate impact initiatives will have an easier time recruiting a talented workforce. 

Encourages Innovation and Invention

Social good activities encourage employees to become more innovative and collaborative. CSR activities encourage employees to learn about potential clients, communication skills, improve leadership, and invaluable local insights that allow the company to flourish within its market. 

Socially Responsible Companies - One Digital Platform for All CSR Initiatives

Tiger Global enables businesses to manage all aspects of their corporate social responsibility in one place. We make sure people understand the difference your business is making while undertaking CSR. We help you empower employees to make their contribution to society, and the planet to witness change. We have created one platform for all your Corporate Responsibility initiatives, so what are you waiting for? Drop us a message and let’s work together! 


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