Redefine your business success with Tiger Global – a certified B Corp™ merchandise company

We’re the leading global pioneer in eco-friendly branded merchandise. After gaining deep insight into the worldwide marketplace, we aim to provide industry-leading innovative solutions to communicate your brand in the most simple and sustainable way. 

Operating with internationally recognized brands our crew hails from distinct areas of the world in ethically sourcing sustainable and earth-friendly products.

We are devoted and committed to social and environmental compliance. Our enthusiastic and creative team is brimming with new concepts and designs to help get your message out to the world with a minimal impact on the environment and landfill rates. 

We partner with the top industrial associations in order to accomplish the highest accreditations in business practices, compliance, and customer service.

Our B Corp™ Merchandise Company Will Help To Drive The Ideal Brand Image, Messaging, and Awareness for Your Organization

As a certified B Corp™ merchandising company we are built upon a strong set of foundational standards.

Our dedicated social responsibility group works directly with a diverse set of manufacturers who share our commitment to ethical sourcing from inception to end through:

● Sustainable, innovative, and creative support

● Bespoke eco-friendly promotional Merchandise

● The latest concept Ideas 

● Impactful branding applications

● Robust, transparent supply Chain audits

● Honoring ethical, social, and environmental commitments

● Fully customized and trusted partners

In Today's digital world Tiger Global, a Certified B Corp™ promotional merchandising company in the UK, provides an eco-friendly tangible connection between your brand and stakeholders 

Certified B Corp™ Merchandise Company Delivers Maximum Impact

Promotional merchandise is a thriving advertising and marketing tool with incredible power. Through it, brands connect with potential consumers, leave a lasting impression thus achieves success and enviable profit.

Deep Knowledge and Wider Network

Through deep understanding and research of global markets, we manufacture and supply high-end quality environmentally friendly promotional merchandise around the globe. 

Our bespoke ordering and logistics solutions can get your promotional merchandise to anyplace needed. Through our good-sized network of cautiously vetted companions and multi-cultural, multi-lingual teams, we can take your brand anywhere. 

Employee engagement and high quality ethically corporate promotional branding merchandise in the UK can add value to graduate recruitment campaigns, employer branding, performance recognition, and long service rewards.

Brand Visibility

Ethical promotional merchandise in the UK holds its own marketing activities in terms of impressions and impact. Whether your logo is worn, displayed across other products, we support you in framing a brand that will be seen and remembered always.

Sustainable and Innovative Eco products

Today consumers are interested in green product design strategies. Our innovative, eco-friendly, creative, and useful products will enhance your offerings and brand.

Tiger Global Specializes in the Creation of Impactful and Sustainable Branded Solutions:

Tiger Global is the licensed B Corp™ providing promotional merchandise in the United Kingdom. All our products are ethically sourced from suppliers that have undergone strict audits associated with social compliance, environmental impacts, product safety, supply chain security, and product quality. 

Beyond imparting research, we excel in helping link your sustainability priorities together with your product choice.

By supporting your team in choosing the most sustainable products for your promotional advertising and marketing efforts and corporate promotional products – we support you in framing your tale and bring to life your brand’s commitment to social and environmental responsibility.

Some of the incredible brands we work with.