WTF is Brand Your Landfill?

It's a parody campaign highlighting everything wrong with the promotional merchandise industry, with the motto ‘we brand any old nonsense.’ 

Tiger Global are a supply chain company on a mission to shift infrastructure, industry and consumer goods to a more ethical and sustainable future. Brand Your Landfill was designed to be the really funny, but totally un PC little brother of Tiger Global. Every great story needs a villain, and sadly this one wasn’t quite as fictional as it should be.

What started as just a website, representing some of the major problems within the promotional merchandise industry, grew into a movement. A movement calling for real change. 

We do this by:-

  • Supporting buyers in asking the right questions of their suppliers
  • Shining a spotlight on some of the worst offences of greenwashing to increase transparency and accountability.

We recognise that we can do better and aspire to raise industry standards as a whole, ourselves included. 

So, if you are thinking ‘that’s a bit of me,’ join us on our journey to learn, improve and change to #endthebullshit.

How it started...

The year was 2020, life was good. We were our way to Confex, the Glastonbury of the events industry, to talk about greenwashing

If you’re not clear on the definition of greenwashing, here’s some clarification from urban dictionary


‘Greenwashing: when companies pretend to be environmentally friendly when in fact they are not. An attempt by companies to take their products and make them seem more biologically and/or environmentally friendly’.

As you can imagine, our stand was the social hub of Confex. Mostly because we were highlighting the type of misleading information the promo merch industry uses to fake or oversell sustainability, and some businesses just can’t handle the truth. We were pretty unpopular. 

Maybe not public enemy number 1, but greenwashing is certainly up there in the top 3 when it comes to saving the planet. 

Facebook liked us! :)

The guys over at Facebook saw and approached our stand to invite us to take part in their World Earth Day Event. The idea was that we set up a stand at their London offices. It was all very exciting, we hoped there would be a slide like at Google.  

We would hold a promotional products amnesty, where those within the building would be invited to surrender the worst promo items they had received.

But, the global pandemic hit, Facebook shut down their London offices and any visions of lunching with Mark Zuckerberg at the Facebook cafeteria were shattered. But more importantly, we only had a small window of time to come up with an alternative, which was online and just as impactful. And so the Brand Your Landfill campaign was born. 

Are we right for each other?

If you want traditional pitches that go heavy on features without saying a word about what the impact really is... we’re probably not for you. ​

​If you want a team that will listen and understand your business, tell you the truth about a products sustainability creds then we might be who you’re looking for. Contact us below.

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