B the change: How supporting B Corp companies can make a lasting impact

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Is a business goal of making a profit enough? Today an increasing number of modern enterprises are redefining their business goal by becoming or supporting a B Corp. Let’s find out, what exactly is B Corp and how B Corps are becoming change-makers and thus making the world a better place for both people and planet.

What makes B Corp businesses different?

B Corps are for-profit businesses that have high standards when it comes to social and environmental accountability. B corps commit a new way of doing business that envisions a more inclusive, equitable, and regenerative planet and economy. Embracing environmental sustainability and social change, thereby benefiting their communities. 

This commitment isn’t theoretical. B Corp companies form a community and drive a global movement of leaders using business as a force of good.

How supporting B Corp companies makes a lasting impact?

Force of Good

Partnering with a B Corp company, you support your people and planet, both through its ethical strategies and high standards. Since the company publishes annual reports, you can see a B Corp is actively practicing its preaches. This gives more motivation to support eco-friendly promotional merchandise that works towards sustainability and produces results that are more meaningful and lasting.

Better Resources

Becoming a B Corp requires you to show in filings that you’re creating real benefits for people and the environment. They’re walking the walk. You can’t just claim; you have to prove it. And this certifies that consumers and partners can trust the B Corp status to benefit their community. In many ways, becoming a B Corp is like giving your business an official approval.

Employees Engagement from Employees

Being a B Corp means engaging prospective consumers and business partners that are honestly committed to creating real environmental and societal benefits. This attracts better employees who are already committed to issues of sustainability and social change. Therefore, eco-friendly branded merchandise can easily connect potential employees.

Social and environmental benefit

To qualify for B Corp certification, your business must complete the stringent B Impact assessment administered by the nonprofit group B Lab. The assessment measures business social and environmental outcomes. B corps impact assessment helps you to measure benchmarks that motivate you to maintain and improve your company’s sourcing for social and environmental benefits.

Better consumer rate

Nowadays, consumers are becoming more conscious of buying products and services from companies committed to sustainability. Such consumers are known as conscious consumers and they’re often willing to pay more if they know the company they’re doing business with strives for good.

Why should we support The B Corp companies?

Supporting or partnering with companies that hold B Corp certification reflects the entire meaning of the business, not just products and service. You learn everything about the way a business is run ethically thereby benefiting the people and the planet and maintaining a triple bottom line. Therefore, supporting and partnering is an eco-friendly promotional merchandise means the real deal, and you don't need to just take our word for it. 

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