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On average, households and businesses in the UK are producing approximately 28 tons of waste every year and currently, only a small proportion of that waste is being recycled. All waste that is not recycled is either taken to a landfill or incinerated, both of which hurt the Earth's atmosphere, cause pollution and are extremely expensive.

Due to these facts, businesses are becoming more cautious about the amount of waste that they produce and are opting to recycle where they can, as well as purchasing products that have been recycled and are more eco-friendly. This is especially true for 'eco-friendly' companies as they must 'practice what they preach' and cannot be seen to purchase lots of merchandise that is going to, inevitably, end up in a landfill.

Through the basic concept of sustainability, a business can strengthen and fortify itself on all social and environmental values and this could result in the formation of a highly successful business. There are several interesting trends that prevail in today's economy and are leading the whole world towards sustainability.

All strategies that deal with sustainability on a base level involve very simple practices such as placing recycling bins in the office and using both sides of printer paper to print work. The sustainability of a business deals with much more than just the size of the business, it also deals with the mentality of the business. In order to practice long term sustainability, a company needs to outline and implement a plan for how the business might sustain itself. It has been identified by blue-chip companies that their main strength is in their employees.

In order to facilitate business sustainability, inspiring methods of communication should be used to motivate workers so that each of them give their maximum output which would result in the rise in the integrity and the success of your business. The product details and the services you are offering, not to mention the price at which you are offering it all play a vital role in determining the sustainability of your business. Companies have now begun to realize the importance of those suppliers who were being ignored in the past. Now, proper evaluations are made and analysis carried out to check whether the suppliers are actually aiding the firm's effort of sustainability or whether they're having an adverse impact on the company. In order to effectively increase our chances of sustainability, it is vital that workers are motivated and ready to perform their jobs to the fullest of their capabilities.

There are, however, times when companies need to purchase merchandise for marketing campaigns to increase the exposure of their brand, but there are many recycled / environmentally friendly / energy-saving products available.

If you are looking for the top procurement solutions in the UK, but are conscious of the environmental impact, then connect with Tiger Global, providing the top procurement solutions in the UK, able to help you select the most appropriate products and raise your business value.

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