Emerging role of sustainable supply chain – How to execute it

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In case you haven't caught up to the latest of the environmental catch-phrase, "Sustainable Supply Chain" then reading the full blog will eventually help you to discover an important concept.

We live in the early side of the environmental project, and it is common to find businesses ramping up to offer "sustainable products" and "supply chain sustainability solutions". Sustainability is, after all, a marketing concept as well as an environmental issue.

So, we find a bevy of businesses selling sustainability believing that they are environmentally conscious as well as reaching out to a growing market of buyers. Nowadays, major companies are focusing on Sustainable supply chain management in the retail industry to reduce cost and constantly trying to develop new innovative strategies to meet consumer demand to achieve competitive advantage.

What is a sustainable supply chain?

Supply chain sustainability is about operating business responsibly, ethically, and legally.

Well, it can be defined as

"Integrating environment thinking into supply chain management, including product design, material sourcing and selection, manufacturing processes, delivery of the final product to the consumers, and end-of-life management of the product after its useful life".

Importance of sustainable supply chain management?

The importance of sustainability in a supply chain extends beyond “green”. A sustainable supply chain helps to improve productivity, lower risk management, improves cost and protects the environment at the same time. By using sustainable techniques and resources, you benefit both the environment and business.

The benefits

Environmental benefits

Sustainability acts as a great weapon for companies to reduce cost and environmental waste. Sustainable site development has the goal of preserving or restoring a site's natural ecosystem. There are straightforward benefits to the environment with a sustainable supply chain management. Supply chain sustainability solutions can reduce carbon footprint, encourage suppliers to use cleaner and more cost-efficient means of production to prevent pollution making a positive difference to the environment.

Business benefits

Sustainability seeks to create a deeper and more complete cycle of Green actions. The Supply and Demand principles require that every seller needs buyers, and every buyer needs sellers. Sustainable Supply Chain, therefore, asks for the commitment to include more than representing your business or product as “Green”, but that your business also prioritises green purchasing when possible. It won't happen in a single decision, but it will happen in a progressive series of processes.

There are two main business benefits.:

  •  Cost of reductions is achieved largely through increased resource efficiency and sustainable supply chain management in the retail industry.

  • Customer preferences and enhanced reputation and goodwill. Both supply and demand principles are applicable using environmental issues thus creating a better supply chain for consumers and buyers.

So how would you execute sustainable supply chain?

  • Start with a strategic plan, set clear, comprehensive objectives for your supply chain initiative.

  • Assess your current environmental impact.

  •  Implement green initiatives internally.

  •  Address your suppliers' environmental responsibility.

  •  Communicate about your company's environmental policies and practices to the supplier.

  • Audit the responses to ensure they're accurate.

  • Complete a self-assessment questionnaire about current practices.

  • Help the vendor with a remediation plan.

Supply chain management is increasingly becoming a necessity for organisations to build a safer and eco- friendly economy. Whether you are in clothing, textile or any else industry you can execute your own sustainable supply chain by setting out the right vision and plan and reliable partner.

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