Is being a B-Corp company worthwhile?

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If you've heard about B-Corps but aren’t clear about what they are, then this one is for you.

What does the B stand for in B-Corp? 

Originally derived from "Benefit Corporation", B-Corp companies are equally important for both individual and collective foundation. On an individual platform B-Corps meet the highest level of social and environmental accountability. Whereas collectively, B-Corps lead a growing worldwide movement of people using business to do good for the planet and make a positive difference globally. Commitment is what defines the ‘B-Corp’, it has emerged as a new concept that balances both the purpose and profit. B Corp socially responsible companies are one of the most powerful ways to build credibility, trust, and value for your prospective business.  

How do you become a B-Corp company?

B-Corp is a third-party certification for organisations that commits to incorporate positive impact for social and environmental change. To become a ‘B Corp’ companies need to fulfil meticulous standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability. Moreover, B-Corps can be a great alternative to non-profit formation where the primary purpose of the new entity is profit generation. Currently, there is a growing community of more than 3,000 Certified B Corps representing 150 industries from 71 countries that are working together towards the goal of redefining success in business. Trusted by thousands, we are one of the leading B Corp, UK.

Why become a certified B-Corp company?

There are numerous benefits for turning up a B Corp or partnering with B-Corp

1. Encourages Social and Environmental Responsibility. A B-Corp company, holds your practices accountable for social and environmental responsibility. Countless data points show consumers are increasingly interested in sustainable companies and want to be convinced of their social efforts. By adhering to B Corp standards that are made transparent, consumers can look how the B-Corp companies are making a difference to a global environment.

2. Attracts New Talent. Being a B-Corp company is also helpful in recruiting, retaining and motivating talented employees. After knowing your business is actively trying to make a positive social impact it will attract top new talent who are looking to find motivated careers. B-corp certification validates a company's employee-centric culture which means you’ll be able to retain top talent as well.

3. Cost saving. Certified B-corp companies can save your company money in the long run. You’ll have access to B corps community data, which provides you access to learn the most cost-effective means to be sustainable. Partnership with eco-friendly socially responsible companies will help you to identify needless and wasteful incurring.

Meet Your Mission

The benefit of meeting the lawful requirements for the B-Corp certificate is that it prepares sustainability into the DNA of your organisation as it develops, acquires outside capital, or plans progression, ensuring that your mission can better survive new management, new investors, or even new ownership.

Tiger Global comes under leading socially responsible companies and aligns directly with our business plan and purpose. Together, we help empower you to achieve your goal. We bring our purpose to life by helping financially empower our members, employees, and social communities. 

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