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Introduce yourself!

Hi, I am Leanda.

I am no longer as new to Tiger as I’ve just passed a year here. My role focusses on NPD development across a range of products, from drinkware to electricals and accessories.

What product or project would you love to work on in the future?

I’ve always wanted to go back to my roots in fashion, and at Tiger we have some exciting projects in the pipeline which will lead me down this path.

What’s the best product innovation you’ve come across this year?

Honestly, I haven’t been wowed this year. Hopefully fairs will be back in swing soon, as I like to feel test and play with new products.

What do you think are the biggest hurdles in putting sustainability into practice when making products?

Finding a suitable plastic alternative for the product you’re creating can be challenging, as the properties you require can be limiting, though there are some innovative solutions being developed.

For me packaging is the biggest hurdle. It’s either one of two things. One – needed for protection, or two – needed to entice the consumer. The art of further dressing up and selling the product. In some cases, if the product is good, it isn’t needed as much, apart from the minimum legal responsible requirement of listing the relevant conformity testing information, or food allergens for food and beverage products.

But we have to consider if packaging has another use, is it recyclable? Where are the raw materials sourced from, and can you prove it? After all, if it’s not the product, it’s the packaging. It’s not your main reason for purchasing, it just happens to be what comes with it.

And lastly, the most important question of all. What’s your go to meal deal?

Just like everyone else I get those yearly notifications of past holiday bliss and this week I was reminded of my Thailand adventure. So, my cheeky meal deal would be a lunchtime Pad Thai special! 

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