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Introduce yourself!

I’m Ollie.

I try to keep TG ticking. I manage operations, sustainability, UK sourcing, projects, and a LOT more. I’ve worked at Tiger for just over two years and my main role falls into making sure things run smoothly and sustainably now and in the future. I should really think of a witty analogy to say here, like being the oil in a car, although not oil because we run on electric…

When I’m not working, I just about play football and run the odd triathlon here and there.

Name a product that you use every day

My Core150 shaker! I love the fact that it can hold a litre of water and fit in one hand. I take it everywhere. I basically only drink water (when I’m not drinking beer), so having a bottle that can save me from filling up every five seconds is worth it!

Tell us about your all-time favourite product

My ZeroWaste Roll Top Backpack. I need somewhere to store my Core150 after all, and I keep it in my very versatile backpack. I use this bag for every and any occasion. I once packed it so well that I managed to fit in four days’ worth of clothes, two pairs of shoes and a wetsuit!

It’s stylish, practical and fits in pretty much everything. I’m a massive geek so the fact that my bag is pretty much a Tardis is perfect for me. Plus, it’s made from reused materials.

If you had a brand and were to market it using one piece of promotional merchandise, what would it be and why?

I would assume my brand would be a start-up so my promo would be centred around growing with me. For that reason, I would choose ‘Post A Tree.’ They’re grown in the UK in Cornwall, use recyclable packaging and are a convenient posting size. This is a real natural gift that we can be sure will last.

We have a duty to plant as many trees as physically possible and this promo gift properly gives back to the planet.


And lastly, the most important question of all. What’s your go to meal deal?

At the moment it’s the Morrison’s £3 meal deal. Starting with a medium salad – pasta, noodles, bacon bits and all the veg! An Innocent Smoothie, great juice from a fellow B Corp, and a mixed fruit pot to finish off, got to get in my five a day.  

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