Recycle Router software informs shoppers on what products can be recycled

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Software solutions company Provenance have partnered with WRAP and Valpak to develop the Recycle Router software. Recycle Router is a system which consumers can access directly online or by scanning the QR code on packaging, giving them information on how to recycle packaging specific to their post code.  

Recycle Router will give you information such as whether packaging can be recycled locally via kerbside collection, and if not, where the nearest recycling facility is located. The system is intended to be piloted in the UK, where almost two thirds of people are unclear on the meaning of recycling symbols. If you are confused, check out our blog post where we explain what the symbols mean.  

It takes less energy and fewer emissions to recycle than it does to make something from scratch, recycling saves 18 million tonnes of CO2 a year in the UK alone, so this software could have a huge impact.  

Half of UK households are still putting items in the general rubbish that could be recycled, partly due to consumer uncertainty, as different councils have different recycling guidelines and capacities. Research from Tetra Pak found that consumers favour convenience when recycling, and that clear communication will encourage higher recycling rates. The government is aiming to introduce Extended Producer Responsibility legislation in 2023, requiring the recyclability of all packaging to be clearly labelled, which Recycle Router will help with.  

CEO of Provenance, Jessi Baker, has stated that Recycle Router will allow brands to differentiate themselves at the point of purchase by ‘claiming credit for genuine recyclability while empowering shoppers with clear, localised guidance on packaging disposal options.’ The software is currently being offered by Provenance to its brand and retail customers, though they are aiming to expand a full Recycle Router solution to the wider industry in 2022.  

This is really exciting news that we welcome. We always ensure that the products we make are designed using the type of materials that can be easily recycled. Even then, there are challenges due to consumer knowledge so this could be a gamer changer for the planet. One that we would be more than happy to include within our product and packaging designs for our clients. 

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