Supply Chain Innovation in 2021

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Sustainable Supply Chain is a growing trend in 2021 but what's it all about?


The first thing to clarify is that when we talk about sustainability we generally focus on environmental or ecological factors such as environmental footprint and climate change. But when sustainability is applied to corporations, it takes on a much larger and even more challenging context.


So, First Let’s Define ‘Sustainable Supply Chain’


Sustainable is an approach or framework for managing an organization that measures and balances the triple bottom line i.e., Economic, Environmental, and Social impacts on stakeholders and society.

The sustainable supply chain is a rapidly growing trend playing a pivotal role in transforming businesses worldwide. They are a critical link that connects business inputs to its outputs. The growing environmental costs of these networks and increasing consumer pressure for eco-friendly goods have led many firms to look at supply chain sustainability as a new measure of profitable logistics management that balances the triple bottom line. Supply chain management in the UK manages social, economic, and environmental performances throughout the supply chain activities that; conserve resources, save costs, increase productivity and promote corporate values.


Sustainability is deeply instilled in our corporate culture, and we are internationally recognized as one of the top sustainable supply chain companies in the UK. At Tiger Global, we can help develop your business to embrace sustainable innovation as a force for good through:


●     Promoting and embedding sustainability into business strategy

●     Designing better business models

●     Producing better products and services, for the current and next generations of consumers.


Our Supply Chain Innovation


Innovation influences supply chain performance to a great extent in order to meet consumers’ needs and costs. Our Supply chain strategy is based on four-columns: Environment, Community, Professional Excellence, People. Each column is supported by wide policies, global programs, and local initiatives. This structure guides our innovation and helps us add sustainable value to society.

●     Navigating disruption to create resilience against external disruptions and catastrophic events. The developing, building, and sourcing of the supply chain workforce of the future.

●     Discovering sustainable sources and ensuring transparency and visibility of sustainability efforts.

●     Exploring innovation to transform and prepare supply chain management for the future.

●     Upgrading technologies to enable digital, sophisticated and data-driven supply chain operations.

●     Empowering and enhancing the customer experience across the supply chain to build trust.


At Tiger Global, sustainability is tied in with the supply chain management in the UK and our expert team enables a more responsible, balanced, and sustainable future. We strive to maximize the positive impact we have on all our stakeholder groups, while minimising our negative impact throughout the value chain.


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