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In today's world consumers are becoming more aware of the need to conserve the environment. 

They are therefore willing to favour products and services that are considered to be eco-friendly. 

When you are deciding on what corporate promotional product to incorporate in your marketing campaigns, it would be advantageous to use items that are produced through an eco-friendly process; the reputation of working with a B Corp promotional merchandise company in the UK will go a long way in getting your brand noticed by consumers.

Towards the end of the year, many corporate executives and business people exchange corporate promotional items such as notepads, journals, and planners that they can use in the coming year. Businesses also give out such products to clients who utilise their products and services. 

Your business can embrace the sustainable movement by using paper that is made out of 100% recyclable material to produce its corporate promotional items. There are printing companies that will use paints and dyes that are eco-friendly to print your corporate identity on these items. 

You can easily identify eco-friendly paper through its off-white tones. This is because bleach and other ecologically harmful products that are used to produce white paper are not permitted in their production.

Recyclable tote bags have also become a fad in today's world. Many stores and supermarkets are taking up the use of cotton and paper bags to pack products for their customers. Gift stores are also using exquisitely designed bags made of recycled paper for packing gifts for their customers. Reusable bags can be cheap and easy to produce giving you quite a lot of space on which to place your corporate brand marketing message - but you must check their sustainable credentials.

Apart from non-synthetic fabrics and eco-friendly paper, many other eco-friendly materials can be used to produce corporate promotional items: 

  • Wood and bamboo are being used to produce novelty desktop items and jewellery. 
  • Metal and stone are also used to create tie pins and other corporate promotional products. 
  • Hats and T-Shirts that have an eye-catching brand message painted on them. 

If your company has not yet jumped onto the green bandwagon, then it is high time that you offered your clients a change when it comes to your corporate promotional merchandise.

Stand out and join Tiger global, a B corps promotional merchandise company in the UK. It can help your company to contribute towards protecting and conserving the environment, through corporate promotional products that show you care, something that is proven for clients and consumers to notice and appreciate.

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