Sustainable Green Consumer Goods- The latest buzz in 2021

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When we talk about Sustainability, we generally focus on environmental or ecological sustainability, like our environmental footprint and climate change. But sustainability, applied to Corporations, takes on a much larger and even more challenging context.

Sustainability is an approach or framework for managing an organization that measures and balances economic, environmental and social impacts on stakeholders and society. Organizations will produce plans and reports against each of these areas. In the sense that an organization works to optimize this balance, it has been called the Triple Bottom Line.

Sustainable supply chains are an integral part of a rapidly growing trend that is transforming businesses around the world. Supply chains are critical links that connect an organization’s inputs to its outputs. The increasing environmental costs of these networks and growing consumer pressure for eco-friendly products has led many organizations to look at supply chain sustainability as a new measure of profitable logistics management to integrate green consumer goods manufacturing.

Strategy Of Green Consumer Goods Manufacturing Companies:

The Sustainability Strategy is built on four pillars: Professional Excellence, People, Environment, and Community. Each pillar is supported by group-wide policies, global programs, and local initiatives. This structure guides our innovation in 2021 and beyond and helps us add sustainable value to society. The Sustainability Strategy is based on an analysis of a series of global drivers:

External megatrends that are influencing our business: climate change, rapid urbanization, population and social trends, economic growth, and technological disruption

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

The results of our risk assessment

Our identified material topics

Sustainability is deeply instilled in our corporate culture, and green consumer goods manufacturing companies are becoming internationally recognized leaders in the field.

At Tiger Global, sustainability is tied in with our scale and our expertise to enable a more responsible, balanced, and sustainable future. We strive to become a supportable organization by maximizing the positive impact we have on all of our stakeholder groups while minimizing our negative impact throughout the value chain.

Supportability is an unmistakable and basic piece of the Tiger Global business principles. These are fundamental overarching beliefs and behaviours that guide our decisions and allow us to embody the SGS brand in everything we do. So, speak to us and enter into green consumer goods manufacturing merchandise that improves all three bottom lines: people, place, and profit.

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