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You've got it! Your next great product idea. It must be a pink flamingo, wearing a Frida Kahlo floral crown, that sits on a roof. So, come and talk to us (don’t worry, we won’t judge you on your choices – you do you), you’re in safe hands. 

We take your brief and use our extensive knowledge of product creation and manufacturing to start working out how to bring that to life. What you may not have asked us for is to make them as sustainable as possible to reduce the impact, but we will anyway.  

We do this by working with reputable manufacturers with strong audits including BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative), ICTI (Ethical Toy Program) and SMETA (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit). This makes sure that not only can you be reassured the quality of production is high, but also working conditions are good and impact is reduced. And that is nothing but a good news story for your brand.


Or another less ridiculous example would work better? You have a huge event coming up (remember them?) or a campaign launch and you want some merchandise to bring it to life and make it memorable.  

Not only do we take the time to really understand what you need, we will also use our expertise to suggest exciting and innovative products ideas, all within your budget. It would be easy for us to pull something off the shelf and stick your name on it, but that only makes it and you easy to forget.  

Our ideas would be sustainable, ownable and something people want to keep. This gives added positivity to your brand and a longer lasting impression.  

If it isn’t products you need but your business wants to set some sustainability goals, no matter how ambitious, and you don’t know where to begin. This is where we come in.  

We would learn how your business operates and help to shape a plan for the future, making your business more sustainable. Or if you already have a plan, we can support you with the best way to deliver real change from them.  

It makes our job harder, but it is the right thing to do. 


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