What to expect from your partnership with a B Corp™ certified company?

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Are You Wondering About the B Corp™? 

If you've heard about the rising benefits of certified B Corp™ but aren’t clear about what they are, you can find out here. .


What does the B Corp™ Stand for?

B Corp™ say, "B means 'Be the change' - roused by Gandhi's renowned summon that we should "be the change we look for on the planet".  

B Corp™ is an accreditation for organisations that commit to making a positive impact on social and environmental change. To become a ‘B Corp™’ companies need to fulfil high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. 

Moreover, B Corp™ can be a great alternative to a non-profit  where the primary purpose of the new entity is profit generation but with purpose. Currently, there is a growing community of more than 3,700+ Certified B Corp™ companies representing 150 industries from 74 countries that are working together towards the goal of redefining success in business. We are leading our industry through B Corp


Why Become a Certified B Corp™? 

B Corp™ companies are equally important for both individual and collective good. On an individual basis, B Corp™ companies meet the highest level of social and environmental accountability. Whereas collectively, B Corp™ affiliated companies lead a growing worldwide movement of people using business to do good for the planet and make a positive difference globally. Commitment is what defines  ‘B Corp™’, it has emerged as a fairly new concept that balances both purpose and profit.


Find out the Power of Partnership with B Corp™? 

Being a member of the B Corp™ community gives you opportunity to reach out to other purpose-driven companies and create meaningful connections that build benefits for the economy, employees, and the environment. 

B Corp™ holds your practices accountable for social and environmental responsibility. Consumers are increasingly interested in sustainable companies and want to be convinced of their social efforts. By adhering to B Corp™ transparent and high standards, customers can look at how they are making a difference in a global environment.  

B Corp™ companies build sustainability into the DNA of your organisation. As it develops, acquires outside capital, and plans progression, it ensures that your business can survive long term  by having a future focused mission.

Tiger Global, the B Corp™ certified conscious consumer goods business, aligns directly with your plan and purpose. 

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