Who they are.

Myprotein was launched in 2004 and is the number 1 leading sports nutrition brand across Europe. They deliver a diverse range of quality products to meet the fitness needs of their customers.

They continually inspire people of all ages and genders to believe in their fitness potential, by sharing recipe ideas, exercise regimes and providing the items and fuel they need to achieve it.

What matters to them.

Myprotein really believe in fitness and health products and understand the value they can bring to peoples’ lives.

Continually delivering very high standards when it comes to safety and product quality, with a commitment to achieving a ‘zero to landfill’ by 2030. It is great to see a market leader taking this positive approach, and we look forward to supporting Myprotein to achieve this.

What matters to us.

We aim to deliver meaningful value to clients who share our vision and Myprotein certainly do with responsibly sourced products.

We want to raise the standards of our whole industry and so does Myprotein; leading the way with innovation and their ‘zero to landfill’ policy. Having this policy means pretty much what it says - it is their mission to make sure they produce conscious consumer goods that have a circular economy and fall into the 3R’s: reduce, reuse, recycle.

How we worked with them.

We work with Myprotein developing cyclical packaging waste reduction plans and make continued improvements to the way we deliver our products to them.

Using our transparent supply chain and sustainability experience for the co-creation of consumer goods to find innovative product solutions that are made with responsible manufacturing.

This supports our customer, their customers and our planet. Which is pretty much all in a day’s work for Tiger Global.

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