Who are they.

Rathbone Brothers PLC is one of the oldest businesses we work with. It was established in 1742 and found success as a trading company. In 1912 they took a different path and moved towards managing finances. At first this was for the family, but then they branched out to other businesses for wealth management.

What matters to them.

Rathbones have always been keen to make sure they do their bit for society and have proactive corporate social responsibility programmes.

They are committed to growing a sustainable business and one of the ways they are doing that is by cutting carbon emissions.  

What matters to us.

Clients such as Rathbones understand the importance of ethical merchandise which this allows us to do what we do best - provide sustainable branded goods and help to advise on what will best support their campaigns, reach their goals and reduce their impact.

Everything we do is built to last and at Rathbones they feel the exact same way.

How we worked with them.

We really understand our clients, so we were able to hand-pick sustainable corporate gifts for Rathbones’ shareholders that were delivered by responsible supply chain management.

At Tiger Global we work harder to make their job easier by responsibly sourcing products on their behalf for their events schedule. We could do the same for you, and more, just give us a call.

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