Who are they.

The Nuttery have been ‘crazy about birds’ and the conservation of them since their business was founded in 1990. They specialise in supplying their customers with high quality, stylish and functional bird feeders that are ‘squirrel proof’.

What matters to them.

The Nuttery understands the value of creating quality and responsible consumer goods that are built to last. The longer they last the less likely they are to end up in landfill and so reduces the carbon emissions impact of the products lifecycle. We’re nuts about this.

Bird conservation is a big part of The Nuttery, they want to be able to feed the winged population effectively without squirrels or predators taking the supply. They do this by designing aesthetically beautiful yet functional bird feeders.

What matters to us.

Everything we do is built to last. It is all about the 3 R’s – reduce, reuse, recycle. This is a value we share with The Nuttery.

We know that homeowners are responsible for feeding half of the bird species in Britain (Nature Communications). There is overwhelming evidence of how important birds are as a species. Feeding them maintains the population, mitigates for extremes of temperature and weather and helps where human interaction has negatively impacted food access elsewhere.

At Tiger Global we’re not here to leave the world in a worse state for the future and what The Nuttery is doing is the type of forward thinking we need.

How we worked with them.

We are helping businesses be sustainable, so we optimised their supply chain. We secured responsible sources for their products and made their fulfilment more reliable and efficient.

We employed our experience with innovative product creation to improve their product design so that it could be separated for recycling.

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