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We’ve been lucky enough to welcome a handful of newbies to our team over the past 12 months. That’s a lot of fresh eyes in the business.

What we realised quite quickly was that the way we communicated ourselves as a business, particularly on digital platforms, did not really give a true reflection of who we really are.

We are a future focussed consumer goods business, who are trying to shift our industry towards more responsible consumerism. And more than that, we are a great team who are a lot fun to work with.

We needed to get our branding more in line with who we are as a business…we needed to be clear on our ‘why’ and be able to tell everyone about us in the right way. If you’re not familiar with this, we would recommend checking out Simon Sinek TED’s talk. It may inspire you too.  

So, where to begin?

This is where Hello Genius comes in. They helped us to really get to the bottom of our ‘why’. We didn’t just explore what we thought about ourselves, but we also wanted to understand our outside perception from our customers.

This was interesting. A lot of what we found was in line with our thoughts, but some of the messages we assumed we were communicating well turned out to not be hitting home. This meant we weren’t as clear as we thought.

We understand the growing need to help businesses be sustainable with responsibly sourced products and not greenwashed merchandise. If you’re not familiar, greenwashing is the practice of claiming to be environmentally friendly when it is not, to purposefully mislead customers. With our existing branding, not only were our customers missing out on tapping into some areas of our expertise, but new customers didn’t understand what we could offer them either.

After this invaluable evaluation process, we had developed everything we needed to be able to communicate effectively. We just needed a fresh creative to go with it.

That’s where Ketchup entered stage left.

On the back of our brief, they looked at ways we could freshen up our look and at the same time make sure it fell in line with the information we had gathered and the copy we had created.

Fast forward and we now have our branding package that we believe better reflects who Tiger Global are.

If you need innovative supply chain solutions, responsible consumer goods or sustainable merchandise ideas from someone you can trust and you want to have fun doing it, give us a call. Together we can make the future brighter.

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